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ZPXtreme Severe Duty Anti-Corrosion Coating

Have you ever needed a motor, reducer or pump in stainless steel either for sanitary reasons or due to a harsh environment only to find out that what you needed wasn’t available? Or that is cost four times what you had budgeted for? Are you tired of having USDA inspectors shut down a line due to paint chipping off a motor? Are you tired of paying employees for hours of cleaning and painting motors and other components only to have to do it all over again?

If you answered yes to any of these questions you need to check out our ZPXtreme severe duty coating.

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Developed for the food processing industry, this 3-step coating replaces all other forms of so called severe duty paints and coatings and provides the absolute best protection available for cast iron based motors and related components regardless of your application.

Over the past 15+ years we have worked to perfect our coating and we feel there is nothing superior to it on the market today. We do the entire process in our facility to insure 100% reliability and satisfaction. We’ve taken the time to have our components FDA certified and the final coating has been ASTM tested to prove it’s the best you can get.

Developed for the harshest motor environments, the ZPXtreme coating works where all other coatings fail. Our proprietary 3 step process allows motors and other equipment to stand up to temperature cycling, high pressure washdown and caustic chemicals with no chipping or cracking of the coating. Especially useful where stainless steel motors are cost prohibitive or not available. And ZPXtreme uses FDA approved components and is ASTM tested for durability so it is perfect for sanitary food processing locations.